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Shining light on mental health has been our mission since our founders first realized that loved ones with mental illness were not getting the help they needed. Since then, through the support of generous donors, SolMateo has raised over $2.9 million for critical programs benefiting those members of our community dealing with homelessness, mental illness, and thoughts of suicide.

Since 2020 our fundraising efforts have never been more important. The mental health organizations we support have seen a dramatic increase in client requests for mental health services, housing, and calls from youth experiencing depression. In August 2020, the Centers for Disease Control reported over 25% of respondents 18-24 years of age had seriously considered suicide in the prior 30 days. Additionally, MHA and the Crisis Center have been forced to reallocate funds typically spent on housing assistance, wellness programs and answering crisis calls to cover COVID 19 compliance mandates. This has put extraordinary financial stress on these organizations. Please join us in making our community’s mental health a priority.

Here is how you can help...Sponsor and Participate!

  • Become an Event Sponsor at any level

  • Make a Corporate Gift – auction item or monetary

  • Fulfill Community Service Hours

Proceeds Benefit

Mental Health Association of San Mateo County (MHA)

StarVista's Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Center (CISPC)

Together, we can continue to build on the foundation that began in 1976, by ensuring community members with mental illnesses have the resources they need to navigate through these uncertain times. On behalf of SolMateo and the agencies we support, thank you for your consideration and support.


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Judi Cittadini

Community Partner, Coordinator


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